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The Proprietary Design 

 Cut-resistant front:

  • UHMWPE, Polyester/Glass Fiber, Level 5, Woven

  • 1000-Denier cordura with reinforced stitching for max durability

  • Protects against theft and slashing (edged weapons)

  • Smooth surface, free of straps/pockets for aggressors to grab

The sides: 

  • Equipped with two slim pockets, reducing an aggressor's ability to grab the bag while the user is in a defensive position.

  • Pockets provide quick accessibility of  personal protection tools

  • Ambidextrous set up for left or right-handed users. 


The interior: 

  • Five-sleeve interior construction 

  • Allows a number of Mundbora insert options, offering protection in a variety of areas:  

    • Animal attacks, edged weapons, blunt force weapons, chemical sprays, firearms

The back:

  • Unique strap configuration allows user to wield bag like a shield

  • Enables user to defend with one arm while fending off attacker with the other

  • Strategically positioned straps to reduce ability for attacker to grab the bag away from the user

  • Reinforced straps, fashioned from high-quality materials


The Inserts: 

  • Bulletproof insert

    • Field tested, providing protection against almost all handgun rounds, including a 44 Magnum

    • Lite panel weight, yet offers significant coverage

    • Made of UHMWPE

    • Offers high level of protection for soft armor

    • Uses more ballistic material than competitors for greater protection 

    • Encased within a 10”x14” 1000 denier cordura velcro pouch, allowing interchangeability and added ballistic stopping power if needed.

  • Anti Assault/Anti Stab insert:

    • Strike resistant and stab proof

    • Protects user from blunt force attacks

    • 10”x14” HDPE Sheet

    • Abrasion and moisture-resistant

    • Exhibits low coefficient of friction
      Encased within a 10”x14” 1000 denier cordura velcro pouch, allowing interchangeability.

  • Anti-Trauma pad:

    • 10"x14" polyethylene foam pad

    • Reduces amount of energy being transferred to your body

    • Encased within a 10”x14” 1000 denier cordura velcro pouch allowing interchangeability and added protection.

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