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A Note From the Founder


The Mundbora Personal Protection Backpack started with a vision that began decades ago. With terrorism and public shootings on the rise, I knew that citizens had to find new ways to empower themselves to protect their own safety and that of their family and friends. 

In the ensuing years, I found myself protecting others around the world. In 2006, I started a company called Maguire Protective Services that specializes in personal protection. While doing this line of work, I realized that I can only protect a small number of people at one time. But, with the proper equipment and training, I can teach and empower millions to protect themselves.

After years of carrying various types of backpacks with my protectees, my research led to the development of my first Personal Protection Backpack in 2019, produced by Mundbora Inc. The unique rear strap configuration enables owners to maneuver the bag like a shield. The sleek front shell is slash proof, protecting its user from theft and injury. The strategically-designed interior allows its user to add optional protective inserts based on perceived threats. These inserts include an anti-stab/anti assault board, a trauma pad, and a soft armor bullet proof insert.


The backpack is extremely rugged and hand-made in the state of Maine. The Mundbora Personal Protection Backpack is the first of its type. 


I know customers all over the world will find use in the high-quality, innovative products from Mundbora. In fact, I guarantee it. 




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